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Many Conflicts Can Be Avoided By Accepting

If we can shed our ego and accept many things then there will be fewer conflicts. It might sound negative but the attitude of ‘such are things what to do’ in certain areas can make your personal life more comfortable. For example suppose there is a family member who is not cooperating in keeping the house clean. There is no point in going on fighting with the person. It is better that we accept the person as such and do the cleaning ourselves. This will create a positive environment and the person might change in future by seeing our positive action.

If something is wrong in the body instead of struggling and being depressive we should learn to accept. What happens with this attitude is that there is suddenly a positive change. This change is possible as we are not struggling against the disease. If we fight and get depressive it only complicates things.

When we will start accepting something that is negative it will soon start dispersing.

When we don’t fight there is a single positive energy that is spreading.

Always remember change cannot be forced from outside it has to happen from inside. Only that change will be long lasting.