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Illegal Owl Trade during Diwali – Owl sacrifice Based on Superstition

Owl is the vehicle of Goddess Lakshmi but instead of protecting the owl, the endangered bird is butchered in the name of religious superstition. Owls are sacrificed on Amavasya (no moon day) especially during Diwali Amavasya by Tantrics. 
Times of India reports
 A terminally ill person if made to wear nails of owls around his neck around 3am on the set day, he is set to recover. Similarly, if a man is fed the ritualized feather of an owl or its blood, he will be hypntoized for life. Superstitions about endangered owl abound.
 The bird is killed to extract every drop of its blood, is skinned off alive to take out flesh and bones. Often, 'tantriks' punture its urinary bladder as its urine is a highly sought after ingredients for occult practices. Though every part of an owl sells, its the birds' inner feathers and nails which are most in demand. "No part of the dead owl goes waste.
 "I vehemently oppose any such sacrifice. Tantriks do it only to fool people and make money. Religion does not permit killing a live bird or an animal," said spiritual preceptor Pawan Sinha.