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Bahiram Yatra in Amravati in Maharashtra

Bahiram Yatra is annually held to a hill shrine dedicated to deity named Bahiram. The yatra is organized on Kartik Purnima. It must be noted that the most important fair here is held in the Margashirsh month (December – January) and also during Paush month. Bahiram Yatra 2024 date during Kartik Purnima is on November 15.

The Bahiram Bowaji yatra is held annually on Kartik Purnima day.

The temple is located atop the Satpura Hill which is locally known as Bahiram Hill.

Apart from the puja and rituals, a grand fair is held during the period. The main attraction here is the food cooked especially non-vegetarian food. The food is cooked in clay pots using wood from the region in the open.

Large number of people arrive for the annual festival in the Margashirsh month (December - January). A month long fair is held during the period.

The most important Bahiram Yatra is observed from Margashirsha Shukla Paksha Sashti Tithi from December 7, 2024 - you can read about it here.