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On Disappointment – Thoughts - Quotes Swami Chinmayananda

If anger is thus the thought storm arising in our mind at the disappointment of a desire, greed is the erosion of our mental strength and inner peace when desires are more and more satiated. 

All weaknesses are transmuted into strengths when the right spiritual values are accepted and the seeker takes the daring resolve to live the spiritual quest.

Greed is a sense of dissatisfaction constantly pursuing and poisoning the sense of satisfaction that we have already experienced. In an undisciplined man, there can be no satisfaction at any time; even when his desires are satisfied he is still unhappy, because his appetite for enjoyment is thereby sharpened and he hungers for more; if the desires are throttled, the disappointment brings into him anger, and he suffers the consequent wretchedness. 

Ego is just a bundle of thoughts consisting of the memories of the past and hopes and expectations for the future.

Once an individual refuses to recognize any divine presence of Truth, embracing and underlying life, he will thereafter function in life as a self-centered, selfish entity, endlessly striving to eke out his own personal satisfaction from the material world. Seeking complete fulfillment in the gratification of his sensual urges, he strives hard and yet discovers only carping disappointment, a burning hunger and a sense of defeat in life.

Be openly happy in the joy of others. Be sincerely sympathetic in others sorrows.

Disappointment can come only to those who make appointments with the future.

Children are not vessels to be filled, but lamps to be lit.

The Principle is simple - You can never solve a problem as long as you are in the problem. Get out of it!

Swami Chinmayananda