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Story of Origin of Saffron - Kesar - in Hinduism

Story of origin of saffron or kesar in Hinduism is associated with the Trimurtis. The legend is mentioned in the Matsya Purana. Shiva the formless took a form for the first time and appeared before Vishnu and Brahma as a huge pillar of fire known as Lingodbhavamurti.

Saffron was produced from the saubhagya or fortune that rested on the chest of Vishnu. The saubhagya melted due to the heat generated by the appearance of Shiva. Saffron appeared from the melted saubhagya.

This legend is found in Matsya Purana (60.9).

Saffron is an important offering in many temples. It is rarely used in pujas at home but used in the bhog or prasad prepared for the deity.