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Akkaravadisal – Sweet Made During Puratassi Month in Tamil Nadu

Akkaravadisal is a sweet that is prepared especially during Puratassi Month (September – October) in Tamil Nadu. The sweet is mentioned in Holy Scriptures and is also prepared in some Hindu Temples during the month. Puratassi Month is dedicated to the worship of Srihari Vishnu. It is also a favorite sweet of Bhagvan Vishnu. 
The New Indian Express reports
 It’s sweet, has been praised by age-old scriptures and Tamil texts and guess what... Periyazhwar mentions this in the Divya Prabhandam as a favourite of lord Vishnu’s (hence the tradition of making it through this month). 
 However, if you’re not one with culinary flair though, don’t go looking for this on a hotel menu or at your at local bhavan. It’s likely you’ll go back home disappointed. 
 “As far as I know, there are no restaurants which serve authentic akkaravadisal. I would suggest you always let your mom or wife make that for you,” suggests specialty South Indian chef Koushik S. But given the fact that this sweet relish — a creamy concoction of milk, rice and dal  (and served with ghee) has such a fan following — we don’t discourage you to look. 
In fact, it is served, although rarely, we must admit, at Vishnu temples in the South. Speaking of which, the Srirangam Ranganathar temple in Tiruchy actually has an inscription with the recipe! 
 “In today’s world where cooking food for two people at home seems like a herculean task, this works on a super easy format,” says Koushik re-emphasising that this is for of those dishes that can be made by anyone with the basic know-how of boil and stir. Also he adds, “Akkaravadisal is a great source of protein.” And sums up, “So, all those foodies who love to host parties at home and are fed up with restaurant food loaded with oil and added preservatives can now try this.”