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Story Of Parvati As Fisherwoman And Shiva A Fisherman

There are numerous stories in the Puranas in which Shiva and Goddess Parvati appear among common people. In one such story Shiva becomes a fisherman and Goddess Parvati a fisherwoman. Legend has it that once Shiva was imparting some lessons to Goddess Parvati. But the attention of Goddess was on a fish in a lake. Shiva got angry and told her that if the fish was more interesting than his words then it is better that she become a fisherwoman.

Shiva's words came to pass, and Goddess Parvati was born as a daughter of a fisherman in a fishing village.  She was beautiful and adventurous. She could fish and handle boats better than the fishermen of her village.

The entire village was happy with her.

Shiva happily watched the progress. But wondered how he could get her back.

Manibhadra, one of the Shiva ganas, realized this and decided to help his master.

He took the form of a huge shark and started disturbing the fishermen. It overturned boats and caused numerous damages. It became impossible for the fishing village and its people to survive.

Then Goddess Parvati’s father announced that he would give his daughter in marriage to anyone who killed the Shark.

Shiva then disguised as a fisherman went to the village and overpowered the Shark. He then married Goddess Parvati and took her back to Kailash.