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Simple and Easy Diwali Pujas and prayers – How to do or observe Deepavali?

Talk about Diwali and few things that come to the mind immediately are firecrackers, lights (diyas), sweets and Rangolis (color). But Deepavali is more than a colorful festival and is not all about celebrations and revelry. The Diwali lights which symbolize victory of good over evil also suggest the need for the removal of spiritual darkness created by ignorance and ego. Hindus also conduct important pujas and rituals on Diwali day like Lakshmi Puja, Kuber Puja and Sharda Pujan. Here is a step by step guide to what to do on Diwali day.

Cleanliness is given top priority during Diwali as Goddess Lakshmi is welcomed into the home.

Diwali is also the time for a fresh and new beginning. People forgive and forget misdeeds and resolve to live in peace, harmony and purity by observing dharma. Personal discord and family conflicts are forgiven and unity and harmony is welcomed.
  • All pujas and rituals begin on Diwali day after praying to Lord Ganesha.
  • Special prayers are also offered to Lord Hanuman on Diwali day.
  • Sindoor and oil are offered to Hanuman.
  • To welcome Goddess Lakshmi women and girls make a 'Rangoli' at the entrance or near the door on the morning of Diwali.
  • There is also a tradition of eating ‘vada’ and food prepared using lentil especially udad dal on Diwali day.
Businessmen and people dealing in trade, export and import perform Sharada Puja on the day. Pujas are performed on new ledgers and account books. This puja is usually conducted with the help of a priest or by an elderly person. Temples and organizations also help people in Sharda pujan.

People also conduct Lakshmi Puja and Kuber puja on the day for the prosperity of the family and businesses.

Diyas are lit in the home on the evening. This lighting of lamps on the darkest day of the month is in remembrance of the return of Lord Ram, Mata Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman to Ayodhya after completing the exile. Symbolically, the lights remind us for the need for self realization and inner enlightenment.
There are people who conduct elaborate pujas as all the members of the family are present on the day.

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