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Thiruparankundram Temple – One of the Six Shrines of Muruga in the Arupadaiveedu Temples in Tamil Nadu

Thiruparankundram Temple, located in Madurai, is one of the six temples – Arupadaiveedu – dedicated to Muruga in Tamil Nadu. The murti of Muruga worshipped in the temple is in the form of a divine groom. Legend has it that Muruga married Devasena, daughter of Indra, in the temple.

The murti of Murugan worshipped in the Thiruparankundram Temple is popularly known as Kalyana Murugan – the groom.

Arupadaiveedu Temples are those temples dedicated to Muruga located on hills.

The original Thiruparankundram Temple was built in the third century BC. Several steps lead to the top of the hill. There are numerous shrines on the way to the top of the shrine.

The get to the main sanctum sanctorum of the temple on has to climb six steps – the steps symbolically represent Sadakshara Mantra – the prayer dedicated to Muruga.

In the sanctum sanctorum, the murti of Muruga is in a seated position with his consort Devasena.

Main Murti Carved on Rock

The unique aspect of the temple is that the murti of Muruga is carved on the rock face. Oblations are offered to the Vel that Muruga holds. The Vel or spear is made of Panchaloha (five metals).

The main murti in temple is anointed with oil and the scented secretion of civet cat.

Separate murtis of Muruga and Devasena are used for procession and festivals.

The temple has separate cave shrines dedicated to Shiva, Shani Bhagvan, Vishnu and Goddess Durga.

The sacred pond in the temple is known as Lakshmi Teertham. Devotees offer Black pepper corns and rock salt here for early cure of diseases.

The most important temple festival is the celestial wedding of Muruga and Devasena held in March - April.

The temple is located around 8 km south of Madurai Town.