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On Vedic Maths – Is Vedic Mathematics Real or Not? - Is it Part of Vedas?

Two articles published in The Hindu Newspaper one for and one against Vedic Mathematics gives new insight into the Vedic Maths techniques. The first article titled “Nothing Vedic in Vedic Maths” by C K Raju states that Vedic mathematics has no relation whatsoever to the Vedas. The second article is titled “Everything Vedic in Vedic Maths” by James Glover states that Vedic Maths is concerned with a universal structure of Maths revealed through a personal approach to problem-solving and other fields of human activity.

Vedic Maths does not advocate the sole use of blanket methods through which students can reduce problems to merely mechanical responses to given stimuli. Instead, it encourages an intelligent and holistic approach — one that engenders reason and develops strategic thinking.

Both the authors do agree that Vedic Maths helps mathematics students. The debate is about whether it is part of Vedas or not.

You can red the articles here in The Hindu