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Naigamesha Form Of Skanda Or Kartikeya

Naigamesha is one of the forms of Skanda or Kartik. In this form he has the head of a goat. Naigamesha is mainly worshipped to beget children. The murtis and sculptures of this form were found till 3rd century AD in North India but then onwards this form was not widely worshipped.

It must be noted that Skanda or Muruga is widely worshipped today in South India and here the Nigamesha form is rarely found.

Sometimes Naigamesha is mentioned as the brother or son of Skanda.

Scholars are of the view that the deity is more closely associated with Jainism.

It is also mentioned in a Jain Text that Sathyabhama, wife of Sri Krishna, offered prayers to the deity to get a son.

Naigamesha is also known as Harinegamesi meaning the general of Indra, the king of devas. It is well known that Skanda appeared to lead Devas in the fight against Tarakasura.

Ayurveda texts, Brahmanas and Grihya Sutras mention about the deity - who has the head of a goat.