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Bagaji Maharaj Yatra at Warud Bagaji near Amravati

Bagaji Maharaj Yatra is a significant annual event celebrated in the Phalgun month at Warud Bagaji near Amravati in Maharashtra. This sacred pilgrimage centers around the Samadhi (final resting place) of Bagaji Maharaj, a revered saint. Bagaji Maharaj Yatra 2025 date is March 20.

The yatra, which takes place on the Phalgun Krishna Paksha Sashti or the sixth day during the waning phase of the moon in the Phalgun month, according to the traditional Hindu Marathi calendar, draws in hundreds of devotees from various parts of Maharashtra and beyond.

During the yatra, devotees embark on a journey to pay homage to Bagaji Maharaj and seek his blessings. People carry various offerings, including flowers, coconuts, incense sticks, and sweets, as symbols of their devotion and gratitude. The atmosphere is filled with religious fervor and spiritual energy as families and individuals come together to express their faith and reverence.

Beyond its religious significance, the Bagaji Maharaj Yatra serves as a reunion for families and communities who may have become separated due to various circumstances. It provides an opportunity for people to reconnect, strengthen bonds, and celebrate their shared cultural and spiritual heritage.

Throughout the yatra, the air resonates with the sounds of prayers, hymns, and chants, creating a sense of unity and harmony among the devotees. The pilgrimage not only fulfills a spiritual longing but also fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie within the community.

Overall, the Bagaji Maharaj Yatra is a deeply ingrained tradition that not only honors the memory of a revered saint but also serves as a unifying force, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds to celebrate faith, devotion, and community spirit.