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Panchamrit Mantra – Panchamrut Abhishek Mantra

Panchamrit abhishek is an important ritual performed especially during elaborate puja. Panchamrit mantra is given below. This Panchamrut abhishek mantra should be chanted before offering the five items – milk, curd, cow ghee, honey and sugar. Panchamrit Mantra पयो दधि घृतं मधु चैव च शर्करायुतम्। पंचामृतं मयानीतं स्नानार्थ प्रतिगृह्यताम्।। The mantra can be also chanted before consuming Panchamrit as food or Prasad. It is believed that consuming Panchamrut helps in attaining peace, prosperity and good health.

Sarpa Dosha Remedies

A person, or family, suffers from Sarpa Dosha when a family member has hurt a snake or naga intentionally. The curse of the Sarpa (serpent) constantly haunts the family. Here are some important Sarpa dosha remedies.  The most effective solution to Sarpa Dosha is the worship and puja of peepal tree. On Ayiliyam or Aslesha Nakshatra day, after taking bath visit a peepal tree located in a temple or in a sacred place.  Offer milk to the roots. Mix petals of rose flower, white til, chandan and black til in water and offer it to the roots of the peepal tree. Perform annadanam or food donation on an auspicious day. Feed animals. Feed fishes Distribute dress to poor children. Distribute books to poor children. Plant trees. Protect sacred groves. 

Pure Heart Is The Best Mirror For Reflection Of Truth – Swami Vivekananda

A sage once told me, ‘To teach others, much intellect and learning are necessary, but not so for your own self illumination.’ Are you pure? If you are pure, you will reach God. ‘Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.’ If you are not pure, and you know all the sciences in the world, that will not help you at all; you may be buried in all the books you read, but that will not be of much use. It is the heart that reaches the goal. Follow the heart. A pure heart sees beyond the intellect; it gets inspired; it knows things that reason can never know, and whenever there is conflict between the pure heart and the intellect, always side with the pure heart, even if you think what your heart is doing is unreasonable. When it is desirous of doing good to others, your brain may tell you that it is not politic to do so, but follow your heart, and you will find that you make less mistakes than by following your intellect. The pure heart is the best mirror for the reflec