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Panchdhatu Benefits

Panchdhatu includes various religious items that are made using five metals. Panchdhatu composition (original) is gold, silver, copper, iron and zinc. It symbolizes strength and power. Panchdhatu benefits are detailed below.

Today, utensils, murtis and ornaments made of any five metals are referred as Panchadhatu. Thus there is Panchdhatu made using copper, brass, aluminium, iron and zinc.

Panchdhatu Swastik

  • Keeping Swastik made of Panchdhatu on the front door of the house will help in ushering peace and prosperity. All kinds of fights and diseases will be kept out from the family.

Panchdhatu Kada

  • Wearing Panchdhatu Kada will help a person in attaining strength and power to overcome physical difficulties. It helps in strengthening the mind and will power.

Panchdhatu Ring

  • Panchdhatu ring helps in overcoming weakness especially sexual. It also ushers in peace and prosperity. It helps in early marriage. It also keeps out heart ailments.

Panchdhatu Ganesh Murti

  • Worshiping Panchdhatu Ganesh murti daily will help in keeping out all forms of troubles in life. Success will be achieved without much difficulty. There will no stoppages in work.

Panchdhatu Chain

  • Panchdhatu chain is ideal for business people and job seekers. It is also good for professionals. Success is career and business is assured when it is worn.

Panchdhatu Shree Yantra

  • Panchdhatu Shree yantra is worshipped by devotees to attain moksha or liberation. Constant worship of Shree Yantra in a place will help in the place having the presence of Mother Goddess. Such place will become an abode of wealth, peace and prosperity. There will be progress and high fertility. There will be no poverty. Enemies cannot harm people reside in such an abode.