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Hindu Concept of Moksha Has Nothing To Do With Death

Moksha (liberation, salvation or Mukti) is an important concept in Hinduism. But many people associate it with death and afterlife. This is a wrong notion. Moksha has nothing to do with death and afterlife. It has to happen when you are living on earth.

Moksha is realizing the oneness of all living beings. It is understanding that all animate and inanimate is part of that Supreme Truth – that there is no second here.

Hindu Concept of Moksha Has Nothing To Do With Death

Dropping all forms of fear, incompleteness, anxiety, anger, sorrow…and all other negative energy and replacing them with positive energy like joy, contentment, love, and goodwill… is the path to moksha.

We chase worldly happiness and we enjoy them, but soon the same happiness becomes the reason for sorrow. Moksha is achieving that happiness on earth, which is eternal. This happiness does not convert into unhappiness in future.

The term Mukti in this context means achieving freedom from ignorance that is enveloping us.

We do not search for moksha outside. It is within each one of us. We are moksha. But our ignorance is not letting us realize it.

Moksha is that state in which you are in perfect balance and peace even when you are fulfilling your worldly obligation.

Moksha is not achieved by taking a holy dip in a river. It is achieved when we wash away ignorance of ego, anger, hatred, desire, lust…Taking a dip in a holy river is symbolic. Sadly we do not want to work hard to achieve moksha so we have developed this easy method of satisfying the mind; that method is performing holy bath.