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Sant Namdev Story – His House on Fire

There are numerous stories associated with Sant Namdev and Lord Vitthal of Pandarpur. One evening suddenly Sant Namdev’s house caught fire. But as Sant Namdev saw Lord Vitthal in everything, he gave everything he had as offering to the fire god.

Sant Namdev Story – His House on Fire

He then prayed to Lord Vitthal to accept all the things as his offerings.

Moved by his devotion, Lord Vitthal appeared before him and blessed him.

Lord was amazed that Sant Namdev saw him in all animate and inanimate – even in the fierce fire and even in the soft butter. He was able to witness baby Krishna in the fierce hot flames that engulfed him house. He remained a mute witness when his house was burning.

To this Sant Namdev told Lord Vitthal that the house belongs to Vitthal and how can I not allow him to enter it (burn it).

Lord Vitthal was pleased with the devotion. Soon the fire was doused and the house appeared in its original form.