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Sajan Kasai – A Muslim Devotee of Vithal in Maharashtra

Sajan Kasai was a Muslim by birth. He was butcher by profession. ‘Kasai’ means butcher. He was drawn into the Bhakti movement that spread across Maharashtra during the middle ages.

It is believed that he hailed from the Solapur District of Maharashtra. Very little is known about his personal life. What we get to hear about his life is from folk material.

His mother tongue was Hindi and he sang in Hindi about Krishna and danced in ecstasy. He used to visit the Vithal Mandir in Pandharpur. He thus became famous among the Warkaris.

It is said that Aurangazeb ordered his imprisonment on the charge of blasphemy. But he was soon set free as the Mughal Emperor realized that he was a genuine devotee of Lord Vithal.