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Story of Kappe Chennigaraya Temple – How the Temple Got Associated With Frog?

Chennigaraya Temple, located to the south of the world famous Chennakeshava Temple at Belur in Hassan District, Karnataka, is associated with Kappe - frog. Here is the story as to how the temple got associated with frog.

Jakkanacharya, a famous sculpture who lived during the 14th century AD, was given the work of the Chennigaraya temple.

He completed the main murti of Chennigaraya and it was about to be consecrated and installed in the temple.

However, Dankana, Jakkanacharya’s son, came in search of his father and objected to the consecration of the murti as he considered it unfit for worship.

Jakkanacharya challenged his son and took an oath to cut off his right hand if the sculpture was defective.

Soon sandal paste was applied all over the murti of Chennigaraya and the portion near the belly did not dry up at all.

When a flake was taken out of that portion, a frog jumped out.

Accepting defeat, Jakkanacharya is said to have cut off his right hand.

This temple is now known as Kappe (frog) Chennigaraya temple. But worship is not offered to the deity.

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