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Story of Sunita, Daughter of Yamraj

Sunita was the daughter of Yamraj. Her story is found in the Padma Purana. From a young age, she found joy in tormenting and hurting other living beings. She found sadistic pleasure in hurting people. Once she whipped a Gandharva who was sitting in meditation. The Gandharva got angry and cursed her that her son would suffer for her actions.

Years went by and it was time for Sunita to get married. But no one was ready to marry her due to the curse.  Kings and Saints rejected her saying they did not want to become the father of a son who would only bring trouble.

Story of Sunita, Daughter of Yamraj

Apsara Rambha came to her help and she taught her the tricks to enamor a male. One day Rambha took Sunita with her and they roamed on earth. They happened to see Anga son of Sage Atri. Anga was a king and he was performing meditation on the banks of a river in a forest.

Sunita was attracted to him and she used the tricks taught by Rambha to entice Anga. 
She succeeded and when Rambha found them to be attracted to each other she performed their Gandharva Vivah.

They started to live together and soon they had a son named Vena, who was cruel and arrogant from childhood. King Anga was distressed with the behavior of his son. He made innumerable efforts to reform his only son. But all his efforts failed and in terrible anguish, he left his kingdom.

Sunita realized that all this was the result of her unthoughtful actions. But she was helpless. 

As there was no king, the Saints were compelled to make Vena the next king. After being made the king, Vena’s adharmic activities only increased. Vena declared himself as God and unleashed a reign of terror. Fed up with his activities, Vena was killed by his subjects with the help of saints.