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Indrastra Weapon - Showers Arrows

Indrastra is a powerful arrow mentioned in Epics and Hindu Puranas. The weapon is associated with Indra, the king of Devas. The person who has the knowledge of Indra Astra can summon it when required.

The arrow brings shower of arrows from the sky. It can be used against an army or against and individual.

Indrastra Weapon - Showers Arrows

In the Ramayana, Sri Ram used the Indra Astra against Kumbakarna. It killed Kumbhakarna.

Indra Astra was terribly sharp and it had wings. It could move like the wind.

In the Mahabharata, Indra had blessed Karna with Indra Astra. Karna had given earring and armor to Indra in charity. Indra was moved the Karna’s charitable nature and blessed him with Indra Astra.

Karna saved the Indra Astra to kill Arjuna. But he was forced to use it against Ghatotkach during the night battle in the Mahabharata.