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Story of Menaka, Mother of Goddess Parvati

Menaka was the wife of Himavan, the king of mountains. The story as to how Menaka became the mother of Goddess Parvati is mentioned in the Puranas.

In her previous birth, Menaka was the mind-born daughter of Swadha and Vairajas, a pitr.
Once, during a visit to Vaikunta she did not show respect to Brahma’s manasaputras – Sanaka, Sanadana, Sanatana and Sanat Kumara. 

Story of Menaka, Mother of Goddess Parvati

Sanaka cursed Menaka that she would be born as human being on earth. 

A devastated Menaka begged for mercy.

Sanadana told Menaka that the curse could not be taken back. However, on earth she will marry Himavan, the lord of mountains, and she will be the mother of Goddess Shakti, when she incarnates as Goddess Parvati on earth.

As a result, she would earn untold merits and will get back her position in heaven.