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Aurva Rishi – Vedic Seer

Aurva Rishi is known as Aurva Bhrigu in the Rig Veda. There is confusion among scholars as the Aurva and Bhrigu are two different Rishis or one Rishi. Sayana, the famous commentator of Vedas, consider Aurva Bhrigu as one name.

Aurva, meaning “descendant of Uru or Urva”, seems to be a patronymic name of Bhrigu himself.
Aitareya Brahmana (VI. 33) also indicates that it is a single name.

Bhrugu was the son of Varuna.

As per Taittirya Samhita, Aurava Rishi had no sons and he prayed to Sage ATri with a desire to have a son. Atri granted him an offspring.

There is also another belief that Aurva was the nickname of Rchika, son of Apnavana and Ruchi.
Nothing much is known about the mantras that the sage had written.

Most studies concentrate on finding his ancestry.