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Benefits of Namaskar Mudra – Atmanjali Mudra

Namaskar Mudra, also known as Atmanjali Mudra, is one of the important mudras. Practicing mudras have numerous benefits especially health related. They are good for both body and mind.

Namaskar Mudra is performed by joining the two palms and bringing them close to the chest.

This mudra is also a popular symbol associated with Hinduism. It symbolically expresses reverence and gratitude. Hindus pray and greet using this mudra.

It also symbolically represents the merging of the individual soul with the universal soul. When we do Namaskar to another individual, we symbolically state that we both are one. Again, it means am one with Brahman.

The most important health benefit of the Namaskar Mudra is that it activates and harmonizes the left and right brain hemispheres. It assures in peace and stability.