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Kalubai Yatra and Festival 2025 date at Kalubai Devi Temple

Kalubai Yatra and Pilgrimage to the famous Kalubai Devi Temple at Mandradev in Satara District in Maharashtra is held during the Paush Purnima (December – January) period as per traditional Marathi Hindu Calendar. Kalubai Yatra 2025 date is January 13. The festival attracts thousands of people.

Kalubai Devi Temple

Kalubai Devi is an incarnation of Goddess Shakti and is a hugely popular deity in this region of Maharashtra. The Yatra and the festival is held for two weeks and the most important days are the Paush month full moon day or Shakambari Purnima.

On the previous day of Purnima, there is a jagran during which a procession with the Kalubai Devi's idol sitting in a silver palkhi goes through Mandradev village and culminates at the temple.

On Paush Purnima nearly 300,000 people gather at the temple. Devotees offer green colored sari to Kalubai Devi on the day.

Kalubai Temple is about 18 km from Wai and 120 km south of Mumbai. The temple is located atop a mountain of 1200 m high.