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Panchamrit Mantra – Panchamrut Abhishek Mantra

Panchamrit abhishek is an important ritual performed especially during elaborate puja. Panchamrit mantra is given below. This Panchamrut abhishek mantra should be chanted before offering the five items – milk, curd, cow ghee, honey and sugar.

Panchamrit Mantra

पयो दधि घृतं मधु चैव शर्करायुतम्।
पंचामृतं मयानीतं स्नानार्थ प्रतिगृह्यताम्।।

The mantra can be also chanted before consuming Panchamrit as food or Prasad.

It is believed that consuming Panchamrut helps in attaining peace, prosperity and good health.