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Sheetala Devi Temple at Agam Kuan – Goddess Shitala Mandir at Agam Kuan near Patna, Bihar

Sheetala Devi Temple at Agam Kuan is dedicated to Goddess Shitala Mata. The mandir is located near the famous archeological site of Agam Kuan near Patna, Bihar. The shrine is located around 8 km from Patna Junction Railway Station.

The murti of Mother Sheetala worshipped in the temple is carved out of black granite stone. The vehicle of mata is an ass and the murti rides on it. Mother holds broom in one hand and khappar in another.

Goddess Goriya, sevika of the deity is on her right side of the main murti, while on the left is the marble murti of Angar Mata, sister of Sheetla Mata.

Unique offering – Devotees release pigeons for fulfillment of desires.

Women assist in performing Solah Shringar on the murti of Sheetala Devi worshipped in the temple.

Childless couples offer prayers and seek the blessings of Mother.

Newlywed couples perform Chauthari Puja by offering cold and stale food.

The temple attracts maximum devotees in the month of Ashada (June – July).

Tuesday is the important day in a week.

The subsidiary deities worshipped in the temple are pindas of Saptamatrikas, Bhairav and Chandi Devi.

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