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Upside Down Hanuman Idol at Sanwer near Indore in Madhya Pradesh

The unique upside down Hanuman Idol is located at Sanwer near Indore in Madhya Pradesh. The temple is located around 25 km from Indore city. The Hanuman murti worshipped here is also known as Patal Vijayi Hanuman. The story of the temple is associated with Mahiravana, also known as Patalravana or Patal Ravan.

Mahiravana kidnapping Sri Ram and Lakshman and Hanuman rescuing them is a famous story found in Puranas and local traditions.

It is believed that Hanuman entered Patala or the underworld from this spot. Therefore the murti of Hanuman is depicted with head below and feet up.

Visiting on five Tuesdays in the temple is considered highly meritorious. It is believed to help in desire fulfillment.

The temple complex also has a separate shrine dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Ram.