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Story of Madhavi in the Mahabharata

Madhavi is the daughter of King Yayati in the Mahabharata. Her story narrates the importance of forgiveness. Sage Galava once asked King Yayati for 800 white horses each with a black ear. The Sage wanted to present the horses to Sage Vishwamitra. King Yayati was unable to fulfill the demand, as he did not have these types of horses. The King did not want to turn away the sage empty-handed therefore, he offered Sage Galava his daughter, Madhavi. Madhavi was destined to give birth to four kings. Therefore, King Yayati asked Sage Galava to present her to four men who wish to father kings and ask for two hundred horses in exchange. Sage Galava found three kings who accepted his offer. He thus got 600 hundred horses. The Sage was unable to find another king, so he presented 600 hundred horses to Sage Vishwamitra and asked him to accept Madhavi as the equivalent of the remaining two hundred horses. Vishwamitra had a son by Madhavi. Having given birth to four sons, s

Jalpa Mata Mandir at Rajgarh in Madhya Pradesh – Jalpamata Temple

Jalpa Mata Mandir is a popular shrine dedicated to Goddess Shakti in Rajgarh district in Madhya Pradesh. The temple is located atop a hill and is about 4 km from Rajgarh town. The main murti worshipped here is Goddess Jalpamata. Jalpa Mata Mandir is a Siddha Peetah. Apart from the large murti of Jalpa Mata, the temple complex also has a shrine dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Chunari is the main offering here. The shrine is accessed by a flight of steps. There is also a narrow road to reach the shrine. The shrine attracts maximum crowd during Navratri and Durga Puja. More Temples Temple Dedicated to the Kurma Incarnation of Lord Vishnu A rare Hindu Temple exclusively deicated to Kurma Avatar of Lord Vishnu is the famous Sri Kurmanatha temple at Srikurman in Andhra Pradesh. The murti consists of two feet long two scared stones coming out of the ground. ( Read more....on Kurmanatha temple ) Alarnath Temple at Brahmagiri in Orissa – Lord Jagannath Manifests Here

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3 Verse 28

But, O mighty-armed, the one intuitive into the nature of Guna and Karma knows that Gunas as senses merely abide with Gunas as objects, and does not become entangled. (Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3 Verse 28) Every action is really performed by the Gunas, but man deluded by his egoism thinks: “I am the doer.” And so the unwise gets entangled in their acts. But the wise learn to see that the Atman, the true Self, is but the detached witness, serene and impartial. Actions cannot blind the Atman, as weapons do not pierce the Atman. In this knowledge, the wise man offers his actions to Krishna and takes his part in the great battle against suffering and sin, against the evil of his own lower nature. (The Bhagavad Gita – The Song of Life - Sadhu Vaswani) More from Bhagavad Gita Bhagavad Gita and Communism Marx lost sight of the differences seen in human beings living at a sensory level, out of which emerges all the evils in society, namely crime, violence, evils of caste and racia