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Archaka in Hindu Temples

Archaka is the priest performing ritual services in a Hindu Temple. The term is widely used in the South India especially in temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu in Tamil Nadu. The ritual services performed by an archaka include bathing of the deity, worshipping of the deity with flowers and other rituals as prescribed in the Vaishnava Agamas. As per Vaishnava tradition, on special occasions the God of the temple communicates his wish or confers his blessings and favors on the devotees through the priests.

Cook These Foods On Each Day Of A Week To Get Peace And Prosperity In Life

On each day of a week, you can cook a particular food item to get peace and prosperity in life. Cooking these foods means you are invoking the deity of the day and seeking his blessings. Monday – White color food like kheer or any item made using milk. Tuesday – Red color food – especially made of masoor dal or beetroot or rajma. Wednesday – Green color food – plenty of options… any green leaf curry. Thursday – Yellow color food – Chana dal ki curry (chickpea) or any preparation using besan (chickpea flour). Friday – Food made using brown or white rice or chashni (sugar syrup) Saturday – Urad dal (black gram) or preparation made using sesame oil (Til ka tel) Sunday – Food made using Rajma (red kidney beans) or Sooji or Rawa. You can also cook orange color food on the day.

Indreshwar Temple at Indore in Madhya Pradesh

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Indreshwar Temple is a beautifully carved stone temple at Indore in Madhya Pradesh. It is located on the ‘sangam’ (confluence) of Khan and Saraswati rivers in Juni Indore. The city of Indore derived its name from this ancient temple. The shrine was constructed by the Holkars and it is associated with luck and prosperity. The deity is also known as Sangamnath. Shiva is worshipped here in the form of a Shivling. Indreshwar Mahadev is one who is the ruler of Indriyas or the senses.