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For Success in Job Interview Worship Ganesha - Prayers and Mantras

In spite of hard work quiet often we are not able to get the desired job. Success eludes us in job interview due to bad luck. As per Hinduism, offer prayers to Ganesha while preparing for the interview and while going to give a test or interview. Break a coconut before Ganesha and take his blessings before any important event in life.

Ganesha provides intelligence, awareness, consciousness and luck.

He has control over all the navagrahas as he is a combined form of all grahas. Therefore, any trouble related to bad positioning of planets or grahas in horoscope will be removed. He also alleviates bad luck and negative energy.

When Ganesha is worshipped, you get the blessing of all deities.

Above all, he is Vigneshwara, the one who removes all forms of difficulties.

Therefore, for success in interview and jobs one should offer prayers to Ganesha.

Prayers and Offerings to Ganesha for Success in Job Interview
  • Offer sweet made of moong dal like Moong ladoo to Ganesha.
  • Offer durva grass.
  • Wear Ganesh rudraksha to achieve success.
  • Before leaving the home, face north and offer prayers to Ganesha.
A mantra that can be chanted on the interview day:
भजे प्रचण्ड-तुन्दिलं सदंदशूकभूषणं सनंदनादि-वन्दितं समस्त-सिद्धसेवितम्
Bhaje prachand Tundedalam sadandshukbhooshanam santnati vanditam samast siddhivitam.

After chanting the mantra chant this stotra
श्री रूद्रयामल शास्त्र अंतर्गत गणेश स्तवराजः

Shri Rudrayamal shastra antargat ganesha stvaraja