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Symbolism In Krishna Dancing On Snake Kaliya

The ever-dancing mind of humans – probably his best friend and worse still the worst enemy – is pictured as the poisoned waters and the ever-changing desires (that has the negative qualities of poisoning the mind) are presented by Kaliya himself.

Mental worries, mental imbalances, delusions and anxieties, generally represented by coiled serpentine figures; choke the mind and the powers of rational thinking.

However, the celestial dance of Sri Krishna on the head of the subdued Kaliya symbolizes the overcoming of desires.

Just as the divine appearance of Lord Shiva with snakes around His neck exemplifying the control of His ascetic mind over His senses and desires. The many heads of Kaliya is said to representing the multi-faceted ego of humans and the majestic victory dance of Sri Krishna represents the beatings that one receives on the ego, time and again, to ground and bring him closer to the Almighty.

Source – Sapthagiri Magazine August 2017 published by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam. The article was written by Vamanan Namboodiri.