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Sphatik Mala Benefits and Rules in Hinduism

Sphatik Mala is a Japa Mala counter made using crystal, glass or pearls. Sphatik mala in Hinduism is associated with peace, beauty and auspiciousness. Below are the rules and benefits of Sphatik Mala:

Sphatik Mala Benefits
  1. Very good for married women and men as chanting mantras dedicated to Chandra and Shiva using the mala helps in having a happy and peaceful married life.
  2. For getting good life partner. Unmarried men and women can get good spouse by chanting mantras with the Sphatik mala.
  3. Those facing trouble in romantic life get relief after using the mala to chant mantras.
  4. Helps in alleviating all forms of difficulties.
  5. It is ideal for changing luck.
  6. Good in overcoming emotional problems, depression etc.
  7. Those facing trouble in horoscope due to bad positioning of Chandra and Shukra can get relief by chanting mantras using the mala.
  8. For an incident free longlife. 
Sphatik Mala Rules

  1. The mala should have 108 beads.
  2. All beads should be of same size.
  3. It should be only used to chant mantras dedicated to Lord Shiva, Chandra and Shukra.
  4. The mantra should be kept clean.
  5. No beads should be broken in the mala.