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Vayu Tirtha – Sacred Pilgrimage on the Banks of Ganga in Prayag

Vayu Tirtha is a sacred pilgrimage located on the banks of Ganga at Prayag (Allahabad in India). It is dedicated to Lord Madhava (Vishnu), the presiding deity of Prayag. It is situated at the center of the northwestern side of Prayag and also known as Vayavya Kona.

Legend has it that Vayu, the wind god, in Hinduism worshiped Ganga here when she descended on earth. Vayu who is always in motion made himself still while worshiping Ganga River here.

Pleased with Vayu’s devotion, Ganga decided to stop her flow and remain still.

King Bhagirtha who had done intense penance to get Ganga down on earth saw his purpose defeated.

So he prayed to Vayu to ask Ganga to continue with her flow. Soon Ganga started to flow again.

The place where Vayu prayed to Ganga came to be known as Vayu Tirtha.

Vayu then continued worshiping Lord Madhava here. Pleased with the devotion of Vayu, Madhava granted him permission to remain here permanently and the place is known as Vayavya Kona – northwestern cornor.

A pleasant breeze always flows in this area indicting the presence of Vayu Bhagavan.

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