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Symbolism of Broom in Hinduism - Dos and Don'ts While Using Broom in Hindu Home

A broom is a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi in Hindu Tradition. Goddess Lakshmi is associated with cleanliness. It is believed that she resides only in places that are neat and clean. Dirty places invite Alakshmi who brings trouble, insecurity, debt, anger and creates financial loss. Dos and don'ts while using broom in Hindu home is given below in detail

Symbolically the broom is also used to clear ego, greed, avarice, and anger from the mind. When ego, greed, and anger are kept out, a man prospers.

The popular belief is that Brooms should be kept in a place not frequented by people. It should be taken out only for cleaning.

It is also considered inauspicious to stamp on a broom.

It is believed that the broom removes dirt, which is the home of Alakshmi, who ushers in poverty.

Broom has the power to remove all forms of negative energy from a house.

Dos and don'ts while using a broom in Hindu home:
  • One should not stamp on the broom.
  • Broom should not be kept in the kitchen, as it will bring an end to good fortune and prosperity.
  • Sweeping of home should not be done after sunset. This will help Alakshmi to enter the house and bring in poverty.
  • Broom should not be kept in upright position. The belief is that unexpected death will take place in such homes.
  • Sweeping should not be done, when a person has just left home on an important mission.
  • You should never hit an animal with the broom.
  • Cleaning a temple or sacred place continuously for 43 days will help in getting the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Sweeping the house during early morning hours invites Lakshmi to the home.
  • The broom should be always kept in the storeroom or in a place where it is not visible.
  • On Thursday, in some regions, people only sweep the floor but no swabbing is done.
  • Taking a new broom to the newly built house is considered virtuous and auspicious.
  • Donating three brooms to a temple or sacred place on Friday is considered meritorious.