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Swami Premeshananda Quotes - Teachings - Words Of Wisdom - Sri Ramakrishna Mission

A small collection of quotes of Swami Premeshananda of Sri Ramakrishna mission.

If one keeps three-quarters of his mind fixed within, he can shake the world with the remaining quarter.

Mukti cannot be achieved through work unless the work is done unselfishly.

Through work one can find out how free from desire his mind is and how much laziness has been eliminated. Through work one can know how much rajas, ahamkara (egotism). selfishness, etc. are in the mind and body.

When silent, everybody is a paramahansa! When one works unselfishly, his meditation also becomes steady. His mind is calm who does good work. It is easy to calm the mind through work. Unless we work, and concentrate while working, the mind will not become concentrated in meditation.

Whatever I think, the same thought arises in my intellect and directs the mind in that direction. For great many eons, we have directed our intellect towards eating, sleeping, etc. So it has become habituated to go that way. If for several years we turn it again towards what is good, it would run towards that. It is itself insentient. It would go as it is directed.

One can dominate over body and mind if one wills so. If the mind has to be saved from lust and anger, then one must take refuge in God.

Rice is boiling in a pot. From above we see the rice is hot. This is because fire has heating power. Here the heating power of fire is ‘chit’ and the hotness of the rice is ‘chetana’.

Swami Premeshananda (1884-1967), a highly respected monk of the Ramakrishna Order was a disciple of Holy Mother, Sri Sarada Devi.