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Totke For Good Relationship Between Daughter-In-Law And Mother-In-Law

For a good relationship between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law, it is necessary to have the position of the kitchen in the correct place in the house. The kitchen should be in the agnikone or agri disha.

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Kitchen in the correct position
There is a popular belief that if the kitchen in the house is not in the correct position then there will be difference of opinion and fights among people in the house.

Kitchen should always be on the southeast portion of the house. If not possible, then the kitchen should be on the east side of the house.

It is believed in many regions and by many communities that the constant fight between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law in a house is due to the wrong position of kitchen.

Northeast and east is preferred because the first rays of sun falls directly in the kitchen. This brings in positive energy.

Avoid Collecting Junk
Collecting junk in the house is seen as another reason for fight among family members. Junk attracts negative energy. It is believed that Rahu Navagraha becomes bad if there is junk in the house.

Worship Goddess Saraswati
Vakdevi, Goddess Saraswati, should be given importance in a home. She is the Goddess of speech and learning. We should learn to speak with respect. When this does not happen, Goddess Saraswati abandons the home. Without proper speech, learning and knowledge, life becomes a big mess.

Avoid unwanted talks. Always talk beautifully. Limit the conversation to the topic.

Never Leave Kitchen Utensils Unwashed
There is a habit of leaving utensils unwashed in the kitchen sink for long hours. This attracts negative energy. People who spend time in kitchen will be affected by this bad energy. Fights happen always in such kitchen.

After a meal make sure all the vessels are washed and cleaned. Kitchen area should always be clean. This will attract positive energy and the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi.

Many communities have puja area in the kitchen because this is the most important area in the house.