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Food Offering To Goddess Kali – Which Food Should Be Offered To Kali Maa As Bhog Or Prasad?

Goddess Kali is the fierce form of Mother Goddess. She is violent and brutal but at the same time she blesses and protects her devotees. Which Food Should Be Offered to Goddess Kali as Bhog or Prasad for her constant blessing? Each Hindu God and Goddesses like a particular kind of food. Devotees offer that particular food as Bhog, or Prasad, to get the blessing of the deity.


The food offering to Goddess Kali should be prepared using rice. She also accepts red color foods. Kheer made using rice, sabzi (made of vegetables) and rice and red color sweets are her favorite. Sabzi made using melon is her favorite. Making garland of lemon is her favorite.

The best day to make the food offering to Goddess Durga is Amavasya (no moon day), Tuesday, Friday or Saturday.

The food should be offered during morning or evening puja and should be taken back when the puja is completed. It should be then distributed as Prasad among family members, relatives, friends, and neighbors.

It is believed that those people who make the food offering to Goddess Kali will get her motherly affection. She protects them from all forms of enemy activities.

Feeding animals and performing Annadanam or food donation when the puja is performed is considered highly meritorious.