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Cook These Foods On Each Day Of A Week To Get Peace And Prosperity In Life

On each day of a week, you can cook a particular food item to get peace and prosperity in life. Cooking these foods means you are invoking the deity of the day and seeking his blessings.

  1. Monday – White color food like kheer or any item made using milk.
  2. Tuesday – Red color food – especially made of masoor dal or beetroot or rajma.
  3. Wednesday – Green color food – plenty of options… any green leaf curry.
  4. Thursday – Yellow color food – Chana dal ki curry (chickpea) or any preparation using besan (chickpea flour).
  5. Friday – Food made using brown or white rice or chashni (sugar syrup)
  6. Saturday – Urad dal (black gram) or preparation made using sesame oil (Til ka tel)
  7. Sunday – Food made using Rajma (red kidney beans) or Sooji or Rawa. You can also cook orange color food on the day.