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Chant This Goddess Annapurna Mantra Daily Before Cooking

Goddess Annapurna is that form of Mother Goddess Shakti (Parvati) which nourishes all living beings in the universe. Without her blessing no living being can survive. Here is a popular Goddess Annapurna Mantra that should be chanted daily before cooking.

The mantra:
ह्रीं नम: भगवति माहेश्वरि अन्नपूर्णे स्वाहा ।।
Hrim Namah: Bhagawati Maheshwari Annapurna Swaha

How to chant the mantra?
The mantra should be chanted 5 times before beginning the cooking in a day.
Chanting this mantra helps in keeping the Navgrahas happy.
The person chanting the mantra with devotion will be blessed with food, wealth, fame, and happiness.
Luck of the person changes once the mantra is chanted.
Whenever possible do food donation this brings in the blessing of Maa Annapurna.