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Bilva Tree and Shivling for Desire Fulfillment – Secret Worship

Bilva Tree is highly auspicious and it is associated with Lord Shiva. The holy tree is worshipped by Shiva devotees. If you are looking for means for desire fulfillment, then there is a secret worship involving Bilva Tree and Shivling.

On Monday, a devotee should place a black Shivling made of stone under a Bilva Tree and then offer prayers to Shiva.

The devotee should then chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ 108 times. He should then offer water to the Shivling.

The Shivling should then be taken home. The puja should be performed for 7 consecutive Mondays. On the final Monday, after puja, the Shivling should be dropped in a river or pond.

The devotee should then plant a sapling (small tree) and take care of it. Fruit bearing tree like mango, pomegranate, awala or neem is highly auspicious.

How many Shivling can be worshipped in home?