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Nagampoozhi Mana near Vaikom Dedicated to Snake Worship

Nagampoozhi Mana is an important center of Snake worship in Kottayam District in Kerala and it is located near Vaikom. Nagampoozhy Mana is around 1 km from Vaikom Mahadeva Temple on the road to Udayanapuram.

Naga deities worshipped here are Nagaraja and Nagayakshi. The murtis face east and they are found on the corridors of Nagambozhi Mana. ‘Mana’ is the term used to refer to the traditional home of Brahmins in Kerala.

A unique feature of the temple is that important pujas in the shrine are conducted by women; just like the famous Mannarshala Temple in Alleppy District in Kerala.

Oil from the lamp lit in the shrine helps in curing skin diseases. The oil is given to devotees by the oldest woman member of Nagampoozhi Mana.

The temple is located between the famous Vaikom Mahadeva Temple and Udayanapuram Subrahmanya Swami Temple.