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Thoughts From Aitareya Upanishad

It cannot be reached by the organs of knowledge, neither by the organs of action, nor by mind; it cannot be controlled by anything; it is not seen; it is not intellectually ascertained; it is not indicated by any word. He is the hearer, thinker, seer, speaker and knower. He is the in-dweller of all the beings.’ – that is the Supreme Truth.

Rishi Vamadeva - that in his mother’s womb itself he came to know the Truth, the Reality, by overcoming the iron citadels which were as though guarding him but obstructing him; he released himself by transcending these matter envelopments like an eagle. It was thus, he became the all-knowing and immortal.

The Aitareya Upanishad starts by saying that in the beginning nothing existed except the Atman, and it finally makes the statement that nothing here exists without Brahman the pure Consciousness. Thus it is Brahman which existed before creation and which supports and sustains the created universe and continues to exist when the universe is withdrawn during pralaya, dissolution.

Source -  The Vedanta Kesari April 2017 issue