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Position Of Dining Room In Hindu Home As Per Vastu Shastra

As per Vastu Shastra, the position of the dining room in a Hindu home should be near the kitchen. The dining room should be in the north or west side of the house.

Other Important Tips On Dining Room Position:
  • The face of the person eating food in the dining room should not face south. Dining table should therefore be arranged in such a manner. Earlier Hindus used to eat sitting on the ground. The concept of dining table is not associated with Hindu culture. Sitting on the ground in padmasana is considered good for health.
  • Plates, dishes, cups and other small utensils should be kept on the northeast side of the dining room.
  • Big vessels should be kept in the south or east side.
  • Neat and clean plates should be used to eat food.
  • Plates and other utensils that are broken, or have scratch, should not be used to eat food.
  • One should avoid talking while eating food. Negative talks and intense arguments should not take place while eating food.
  • Food should not be wasted and one should only take that much food that one can eat.
  • Before eating one should offer prayers to Goddess Annapurna.