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Likes Black Color Symbolic Meaning and Personality

Is there any symbolic meaning, if a person likes black color? What does it suggest about a person’s personality? Your wife, friend, husband, lover, girl friend, or boy friend might like black color. There is nothing unusual about it. As per Hindu astrology, a person who likes black color is usually a non-believer. Here are some of the characteristics of a person who likes black color. Thinks and acts differently. Cannot be easily convinced. Some will be extraordinarily brilliant but people might not recognize their talent. Other inferences, such people might come under the influence of underground sect. Some of them might be moody and depressed. Some might be pessimistic. Might fall into the trap of mood swings.

Varaha Grihya Sutra

Varaha Grihya Sutra is Hindu text on domestic rituals. The text belongs to the Varaha sub school of Maitrayaniyas, who form one of the twelve sub schools of Charakasakha of Krishna Yajurveda. The text details about Chudakarana, Vratani, Vedavratani, Upakarana, Utsarjana, Samavartana, Anadhyayah, Madhuparaka, Vivaha, Ratharohana, and Garbhadhana. The text also deals with Annaprashna and dandogamana. The text has borrowed a good deal from Manava Grihya Sutra and Katha Grihya Sutra. It is believed that the text was composed between 3rd and 4th century AD.