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How Garuda Became the Vehicle or Vahana of Vishnu?

Ever wondered how Garuda became the vehicle or vahana of Lord Vishnu? Garuda became the vehicle of Lord Vishnu because of his integrity. To save his mother and him from slavery of Kadru and her naga sons, Garuda went to heaven fought with the Devas and got Amrita or elixir of life to earth.

When Garuda was flying through the sky with Amrita Lord Vishnu saw him. Vishnu noticed that Garuda had not swallowed even a drop of Amrita which could have made him immortal.

Pleased with his integrity, Vishnu asked Garuda to become his Vehicle or Vahana. He also asked him to remain stationed on this chariot’s flag.

The Amrita, which was carried by Garuda, got the release of his mother and him. But Kadru and her naga sons could not taste the Amrita as it was carried away by Indra, the king of Devas.