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Importance Of Number 2 In Hinduism

In Hinduism, science of numbers or numerology is known as Ankavidya and is of great importance. The number 2 is of great importance in Hindu astrology. Ankavidya is allied to astrology, palmistry, physiognomy and other branches of occult learning and deals entirely with the mystic influence of numbers as they help us trace or predict the event in the life of an individual or nation or any entity.

Number 2 in Hinduism stands for Moon or Chandra Navagraha. People associated with this number are gentle, passive, artistic, but more geared to thought than action. They have charm and powers of intuition.

Its negative attributes are lac of self-confidence and physical strength.

The color associated with number 2 is white, the day associated with it is Monday and the gem associated with number 2 is pearl.