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Story Of Goddess Bhadrakali And Vedalam

In many stories associated with Goddess Kali or Bhadrakali in Kerala, her mount or vehicle or vahana is a Vedalam. As per these stories, Goddess Bhadrakali appeared from the third eye of Shiva to annihilate demon Darikasura. She chose a Vedalam (Vethalam) residing in the Kailash Mountain as her vahana. When Goddess Kali asked Vedalam whether he will be able to carry her, the Vedalam replied that he is capable of carrying her and her entire army on his back.

The Vedalam was in a state of perpetual hunger for thousands of years and Goddess Kali promised him that he will be served the heart and liver of the demon at the end of the war. Vedalam carried Goddess Bhadrakali to the fort of the demon. The Goddess was blessed with eighteen different types of weapons by Shiva. An unimaginable and never before seen war was fought between the demon and the Goddess for seven days. The demon lost the strength of an elephant at the end of each day of the battle.

On the eighth day, Goddess Bhadrakali lifted up the demon and placed him on the tongue of the Vedalam and split him into pieces using her nails. She drank the blood of the demon, gave the body parts to Shiva Bhuta Ganas and the head was presented to Mahadeva Shiva. She gave the liver and heart of the demon to the Vedalam.

The drawing of Goddess Bhadrakali atop the Vedalam is drawn during the Kalamezhuthu Pattu festival in many temples in Kerala.