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Dreaming Of Buying Jacket – Meaning

Dreaming of buying jacket is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will achieve success and there will be opportunity to travel. It also means independence and buying or doing things that you always wanted to do. Dreams of buying jacket and you are all alone means fulfilling a secret desire.

Dream of buying jacket and you look terrified or sad means you will do something that you know is against the law or rules of society. It also means harboring illegal ideas.

Dreaming of buying jacket and you see friends means happiness, joy and fun time. It also means staying away from home.

Dreams of buying jacket in an unknown place means you sudden transfer or relocation. It also means moving to a place that is having different weather from your current place.

Dream of buying jacket and it is torn or not of your size means you will act without thinking. It also means regretting a decision you made.