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Ram Navami Quotes – Sri Rama Navami Teachings

A collection of thoughts and quotes on Ram Navami.

Rama means ‘Sarveshu Ramante Iti Ramah’ – that which revels in everyone of us, the pure light of consciousness, the Atman, the Self, the Atma–Rama. This spiritual essence in us can come out only as a son of Dasaratha, one who has conquered all the ten indriyas – five Jnanendriyas and the five Karmendriyas. (Swami Chinmayananda)

..be it man, woman or ‘one lacking the characteristics of both’ or for the matter of that, any living being whatsoever, of the animate or the inanimate world, he who adores Me with all his being, giving up all guile is supremely dear to Me.. (Uttara Kanda, Doha 87, Lord Rama says)

The essential principle behind all of Sri Rama’s actions, the value that He cherished the most, was ‘Dharma.’ He said that He could give all else, for the sake of Dharma. Even Maricha, His enemy said that He was the embodiment of Dharma (ramo vigrahavan dharmah). Dharma is what integrates and creates harmony – within our personality and outside in the family and society.   (Swami Tejomayananda)

Rama functioned in the world outside with a perfectly controlled mind; the result had to be a ‘Rama Rajya’, as he created beauty around him. (Swami Chinmayananda)

A peculiarity noticed in the personality of Lord Rama is that he is seen to be carrying his bows and arrows at all times. The wielding of the bow and arrows symbolizes his preparedness and strength to maintain peace and justice both within and outside.

Disturbances may arise within one’s bosom or reach him from the external world. Rama is ever prepared to face such challenges with strength. He is ideal of aggressive goodness as opposed to weak and passive goodness. He would not passively accept anything that is inconsistent with or contrary to morality and righteousness. He stands for righteousness and opposes and destroys all that is unrighteousness. (Sri A. Parthasarathy)

Sant Tulsidas sees the entire world as a manifestation of Sri Rama. What will be the vision and the values of such a person? He does not hate anyone. He loves all and serves all. Sri Rama kept the welfare of even His enemies in His heart. Ramayana narrates that before war, Angada went to Lanka as an envoy. When Angada asked Sri Rama for guidance about this mission, Sri Rama told him to see that their work is accomplished and even the enemy’s welfare is take care of. (Swami Tejomayananda)

The word ‘Rama’ means ‘one who delights everybody’; what ultimately satisfies us is happiness and this happiness is Rama. It is the Infinite Reality that is reveling in everyone’s heart because of which even the body, in truth only a bag of flesh and bones, is considered dear; once Rama departs, the body becomes a carcass that no one wishes to keep. This Rama is the Atman (Soul/Self) within all and resides at the core of our being. (Swami Swaroopananda)

You cannot control what the world throws at you. But what you make out of it is one hundred percent yours. Sri Rama is an epitome of this. (Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev)