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Dreaming Of Rangoli – Meaning

Dreaming of rangoli is a good and auspicious omen as per dream interpretation and meaning. It means positive change in life. It also means festival, marriage or functions in near future. It also means return of someone back to your life. Dreams of Rangoli is also associated with success, new fortune and wealth.

Dreaming of rangoli and you are laughing or being happy means you will have good relationship in near future. Your desires associated with opposite sex will be fulfilled.

Dreaming of rangoli and light rain means you will get opportunity to visit a place that you had always desired.

Dreaming of you touching rangoli means new job or unexpected wealth in near future.

Dreaming of rangoli disappearing or being rubbed or destroyed means lost opportunity. You need to make use of even the small opportunity that comes your way in near future.

Dreaming of rangoli getting washed away means you will need to work hard to get things done. But there will be success and good results after hard work. It also means enemies will be active. It also means you will be misunderstood. It is also a sign that people will not value your hard work.